This is how our family history started…

A fifty year-long story, between 1964-2014, that has its roots in the family's passion and traditions: a true love for the homeland, Friuli or better, the Collio and the Colli Orientali del Friuli, the far north-eastern corner of Italy and gateway to Eastern Europe. My dad Dorino Livon acquired his first vineyards on the Collio hills in 1964, and slowly, plot by plot, expanded his property. In the early nineteen eighties, my brother and I start working in the family company. We both brought new ideas and strategies to the table setting our goal on high quality products. Indeed, since 1989 our commitment to quality has been well recognised and is represented by the Winged Woman created by Ertè. The decade following such brave decision of diversifying the production was spent consolidating our new strategy. The years between 1992 and 1997 saw yet another strategical change for the company. We realised that we needed to remain competitive in the rapidly-changing and ever evolving market, so we decided to buy two estates in areas particularly suitable to winegrowing though beyond the borders of Friuli: Borgo Salcetino which is located in the very heart of the Chianti Classico area, in Tuscany and Fattoria Colsanto, in Bevagna (PG) in the Montefalco DOCG area, in Umbria. In 2008, after a period dedicated to the renovation of the ancient Locanda Villa Chiopris, acquired in 2003, the rural countryside villa returned to its original splendour and has become the venue of wine tasting events as well as a very pleasant boutique Bed and Breakfast, which can boast the peace and best views of the surrounding vineyards.

Now, after fifty years, our children represent the legacy not only of our family, but also of the values and life philosophy that have helped us build and develop our trademark and have our wines internationally recognised. Such a rewarding outcome seamed possible only in our dreams when we were younger.





Braide Alte


Vineyard: Braide Alte located at Ruttars in the municipality of Dolegna del Collio.
Kind of ground: Marl and clay.
Grape: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Picolit, Moscato giallo.
Vines per hectare: 8000.
Type of cultivation: Guyot, cordon trained.


Intense straw yellow color, with golden reflections. The bouquet is intense, very complex, with spicy hints. On the palate it is warm, full-bodied, very elegant and complex. It evolves in the glass with the temperature changes.


The grapes are harvested by hand using boxes, steeped in a cold horizontal press for eight hours and the must is cleaned through settling.


The fermentation takes place in new Allier Barriques at a controlled temperature of 14°- 16°C. When the fermentation is over, the product thus obtained is not poured off and therefore remains in the same containers to mature for about eight months at a constant temperature. At the end of this period, the wine is assembled and bottled. There follows a further long period of refining in the bottle before the wine is distributed.


Drink with: pasta dishes based on fish. Ideal with all substantial fish dishes (grouper, swordfish, stockfish in tomato sauce or other herbs), but it also goes very well with white meat and soft, fresh cheeses. Served at a higher temperature ( 16-17°C) it is also excellent with lamb, roast kid and grilled meat.
Longevity: 10-15 years.
Serve at: 12-13°C.

TRE BICCHIERI “Gambero Rosso”
Vintages 1996-1997-1998-2000-2007-2008

CINQUE GRAPPOLI Guida “Duemilavini” A.I.S.
Vintages 1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005 2006-2007-2008

“Migliori vini italiani - Luca Maroni”
Vintages 1998-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008

TRE STELLE “I vini di Veronelli”
Vintages 2007-2008.

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